Street Light

ASTAC provides turn-key international standard Street Light solutions including power-generation, operation and maintenance

Traffic Control Systems

International standard Traffic Light and Traffic Control systems with innovative UPS and photovoltaic power supply from the Nigerian market leader.

Power Distribution

Specializing in power lines up to 33 KV in unpathable, swampy terrain.

Cold bitumen logistics

High-quality specification bitumen with the most effective and efficient logistic solution. Cold bitumen logistic in jumbo bags in Nigeria.

Perimeter Security
Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Protecting 50,000 metres with one undetectable cable.

No compromise in quality.
Accelerating sustainability and maintenance culture in Nigeria since more than 30 years.

about ASTAC

ASTAC Nigeria Limited, founded in 1985, is one of Nigeria's leading transportation consulting and contracting companies. ASTAC is represented at seven locations in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ado-Ekiti, Akure and Igbokoda) with a workforce of approximately 150 Nigerian and expatriate engineers and specialists.

Products, Services and Solutions

ASTAC delivers state-of-the-art international standard traffic light and traffic control systems, international standard street light installations, power lines up to 33 KV (also through difficult/swampy terrain) as well as providing cold bitumen logistics in jumbo bags to the Nigerian market.

NEW: Perimeter Security, Distributed Acousitc Sensing

Intrusion protection for large scale external perimeters such as borders, airports, pipelines, docks or industrial sites is a constantly evolving challenge. ASTAC provides a new layer to existing security systems and with its technology can detect, identify and locate within one (1) metre the noise and vibration patterns of suspected disturbances and potential threats such as unauthorized vehicles or people. The solution can be installed easily, is virtually maintenance free and cost-effective


ASTAC is a leading transportation consultant in any field of road and air transportation with an exceptional track record in projects carried out in Nigeria.

With our 30+ years experience in Nigeria and a German speaking Executive Management ASTAC is your first choice for assistance and consulting for entry into the highly prospective Nigerian market. We understand the risks, fears and needs of foreign SMU's being a SMU ourselves.