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Pörner Bitumen Bag™

The Pörner Bitumen Packing System is a complete logistic solution to make bitumen available at any time and at any location in the world. It enables the bitumen industry to produce, store and sell bitumen without being restrained by seasonal demand variations. The system allows the economic supply of road paving bitumen, from a few tons for small local demands up to hundreds of thousands of tons to supply complete national economies.

The Pörner Bitumen Bag™ is a self-stabilizing flexible container composed of an outer plastic bag with two shells and an inner liner. The bag is designed to carry approximately one ton of road paving bitumen, taking into account the visco-elastic flow characteristics of bitumen at (solid) storage and transport conditions.

It is suitable for packing bitumen in liquid condition at an optimum product temperature. The inner liner bag is made of a melt-able plastic film. Bag volume and shape are designed for maximum loading of normal seagoing standard containers and road trucks. The bag is proper for all climates and the storage time for filled bags is up to 12 months.

Transport of Pörner Bitumen Bags™ is easily practicable by any common transport system (container, train, ship, truck).

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Quality specification bitumen

ASTAC is proud to be Pörner's exclusive representative in West Africa for more than 30 years. Together we have developed bitumen solutions especially for the African market to achieve more development of roads.

Together with our other partners (e.g. BITUMENA as a supplier of one of the finest qualities of road paving bitumen) we supply not only the logistic solution but also economic specification bitumen that enables the client to safe compared to conventional products time, energy and cost.


  • safe and economic logistics
  • Outdoor storage without heating for 12 months
  • Conventional means of transportation (e.g. ordinary flat bed truck, container etc.)
  • Energy saving: no heating during transport
  • Cold one-way transport means total flexibility in the logistic chain
  • 1 bag per ton
  • No loss of product during handling/melting
  • Efficient re-melting in easy-to-operate units
  • No empty returns
  • No special infrastructure (e.g. heated tanks) required

Bitumen Bag High Performance Melter

Bitumen Bag High Performance Melter