Consulting services

Advise based on 30 years of expertise and experience in Nigeria.

Transportation consulting

ASTAC has a profound expertise and decades of experience in the Nigerian transportation sector. Our specialists and a network of leading experts cover all major subjects in road transportation and aviation, such as:

  • Bus route studies
  • Traffic simulation
  • Traffic concepts and strategies
  • Urban planning
  • Runway and Taxiway markings
  • ATC equipment
  • Aviation strategies
  • Railway strategies
  • Railway facility management
  • Railway development

Nigerian market research and strategy

Nigeria is the largest and fastes growing economy on the African continent. It has a wealth of People and natural resources and it's market with an estimated 200 milion consumers is enormous.

Market entry, however, can be difficult, especially for smaller (SMB) companies with limited resources and less reserves to cover risks. Nevertheless is there a huge potential to be used.

ASTAC offers its experience and network to interested companies from abroad to research and probe the Nigerian (and other West African) markets. We provide:

  • Market research
  • Market strategies
  • Initiation of contacts
  • Organisation of visits
  • Marketing assistance
  • Guidelines for presentations customized for the local market
  • Understanding of SMB's needs and risks
  • Communication in English or German


Please contact the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Lagos for a reference about ASTAC.

Consulting services in Nigeria