Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection Fence

Perimeter Security. Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

Perimeter Security Acoustic Sensing Field

Multitude of applications

  • Security: e.g. facilities protection, commercial and private areas, electrical and telecommunication infrastructure, hazardous areas, safety areas, fences/walls/roofs/burried, infrastructure protection
  • Bridges: e.g. Axle counters, speed detection, wheel defect detection, bending of concrete, vertical speed, recovery to original situation
  • Roads: e.g. total vehicle weight, tyre footprint, unbalances load alarm, predictability of maintenance
  • Pipelines: e.g. intrusion/manipulation detection, leakage detection, temperature fluctations, flow surveillance

Intelligent Security - Flexibly Delivered

Digital Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions can detect and identify weight and vibrations (such as footsteps, tyres, animals, movements, structural changes etc. at up to 15 m and vehicles at up to 40 m either side of the sensor cable. It is effective when mounted on fences or even when buried at up to 100 cm which is simply achieved using standard telecommunication techniques.

DAS can cover over 50 km of the border, with virtually no limit to the number of sections that can be integrated to cover virutally unlimited distances from a single point. DAS creates and acoustic cordon operational 24/7, that is impervious to weather and poor visibility.

With its long range, DAS presents a simple but effective sensor that is an economically viable solution, enabling border agencies to constantly monitor every metre of the border regardless of length.

DAS is simple to install above or below ground with no special requirements, and can be installed using a spare fibre in a existing CCTV cable.

For vulnerable sites in hostile territory, the DAS sensor can be rapidly and simply deployed, for instance spooled from a moving vehicle to creat an instant acoustic cordon effective at night.

The sensor fibre requires no power or additional equipment along its length and is resistant to RF or any other EMI, it is unaffected by lightning and does not corrode so, once deployed it is virtually maintenance free. It emits no EM footprint and is undetectable by normal means when buried.

Key advantages (security)

  • Simple installation and virtually maintenance free
  • Industry leading sensitivity
  • Accurate location of events down to one (1) metre
  • Instantaneous detection of acoustic and vibration events
  • GPS integration with full mapping capability
  • Integrates with security management systems
  • Multi-platform access for web
  • Intrinsically safe even in explosive environments
  • Immune to RF and EMI
  • Remotrely configurable via secure connection
  • Extremeley robust
  • Cost-effective


Download the brochure (PDF 8MB)

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