Traffic Light

Turnkey traffic light solutions from the market leader.

Traffic Light in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

ASTAC is Nigeria's pioneer and innovator in turnkey traffic light systems. We have installed more than 200 junctions in Nigeria, among them the majority of the traffic light system in Nigeria's Capital, Abuja, as well as in Port Harcourt and Lagos, just to name a few.

We utilize state-of-the-art design techniques that are based on actual traffic counts. Our latest-technology controllers from the global market-leader ensure trouble-free operation and secure the investment long into the future. Our latest-generation signal heads are Made in Europe and are among the most efficient and durable LED signal heads in the world.

Innovations for Nigeria include theft-protected UPS systems as well as photovoltaic (solar) backup for uninterrupted operation.

ASTAC designs junction layout and programming based on actual sitation per junction with scientific calculations and traffic counts considering changing traffic situations.

Our signal heads only use a small number of LED's producing a more intense light through a sophisticated optical mechanism that are much more energy-efficient (important for photovoltaic energy) than conventional and outdated matrix LED signal heads.

Our road-marking machines paint reflective standard markings on the road and is even suitable for long express-ways.

We offer long-term maintenance and operation contracts to ensure a secure investment with low life-cycle cost. ASTAC has proven that sustaining infrastructure is possible be operating the traffic light system in Abuja for more than 15 years.

Traffic Control Systems and UTC

Every major city in the world requires efficient traffic surveillance and traffic control to avoid collapse of the transportation system.

In order to realize efficient traffic control all information has to flow together in a central control room where real time evaluation of the traffic sitation is made and measure can be implemented to counter-act any anormality (e.g. heavy traffic, accidents, etc.).

ASTAC provides complete solutions for Urban Traffic Control (UTC) for major cities including communication infrastructure, control room equipment, software, training, maintenance and operation.

A comprehensive UTC system by ASTAC comprises of:

  • Network of traffic light controllers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Road traffic sensors
  • dedicated (security!) fibre-optic network
  • central control room with customized software tailor-made for the city
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Operation (if required)

Urban Traffic Control Centre UTC